Easy memoir story arc

Are you frustrated with your memoir? Are there too many details and story threads? There are many writers who know their lives are worthy of a book, but pesky particulars get in the way. How do you sort out what to leave in or junk?
The answer is simple. All good stories have one easy plot line: The Protagonist overcomes fears and flaws to become a hero.
You are the hero of your memoir. The early part of your book must show your fears and flaws, the middle part shows you confronting – and flailing against – those fears and flaws, and the end is when you overcome them.
The problem for many memoirists is they think their personal struggle is not enough, so they focus on “Dad’s flaws,” “my boss’s flaws,” or “my sister’s flaws.” Those are obstacles, but your memoir story arc is about your personal fears and flaws, which may include “I cared too much about my Dad, my boss, or my sister.” 

Trust me, you truly are a hero who overcame fears and flaws to make the world better – and your readers are waiting to hear your story. Let’s push forward and bring your heroic story to life with this week’s easy prompt. Just write for 15 minutes and enjoy the time to tell your story. Just do the weekly exercises and all the pieces will come together.

Here is your prompt for the week: In my memoir, these are my fears that I will fight against and finally overcome....