The party

Imagine you are at a party and come across two people. You ask them what they do for a living.
Jeff stiffly shakes your hand and says, “I work hard every day and I’m not paid enough. I never take a vacation."
Mark smiles and says, “I work in the same field as Jeff and make the same salary. Every day I wake up and say I'm so incredibly lucky.”

Which person would you prefer talking to?
As you know from our last chat that it is important to appear lucky. Life is hard and our brains are always searching for survival advantages, so we are subconsciously attracted to people who smile, seem happy, display jewelry, take vacations, and drive fancy rides like Mercedes. We want that lucky fortune to rub off on us.
But here’s the big news: Each and every week you are turning down good luck. What? You don’t believe me?
Remember when your friend said your last story was so amazing you had to send it in now, but instead you rewrote it. You let it go cold and the moment stalled.
There are other lucky moments that you’ve turned down: That day with the spectacular sky that you spent inside mall shopping. That time when you wanted to run off with a boyfriend to Miami, but couldn’t disappoint your parents. That night when you had the choice between the silk mini but chose the granny gown.
You are master of your own luck.
Yesterday I was at a friend’s video studio. Now let me tell you that video studios make me panic and yesterday’s tour made my arteries freeze and my mouth go dry. Over the past decade I’ve produced hundreds of internet shows, but have never put myself in front of the camera.
But yesterday I grabbed hold of my luck and said, “I want to do a test.” I stepped onto the stage, settled into a chair, and smiled at the middle camera. “I’m Janette Turner,” I said, “and welcome to Memoir Monday.”

Why did I cross the divide? Because I know video will help me connect with you. My one goal is to help you get your book out into the world. It's time to move forward and grab your own luck. Your readers are waiting.
Now here are your lucky prompts:
What is something you really want?
What quality do you have that makes it hard for you to get something you really want?
Write for 15 minutes on each topic without stopping. Remember, writing is good luck you give yourself.