Writing Prompt Week 3:

In ‘Zippy,’ her Dad is the Villain who punishes a quiet-loving neighbor by setting up a pack of dogs to howl all night. Zippy’s response is to ignore the feud and wave at the neighbors in the morning. Her Conscious Quest is to keep the peace and her Subconscious Quest is to break away from her family and small town. The stories show Sacrifices and Rewards in the form of the challenges and joy of living in a small town with a strong father, weak mother, and bossy older sister.

As you can see, Zippy’s Quest is not Big. It’s not to become President of the United States. All she wants is to live a good honest life, but she has obstacles, including her own Quality of recklessness. The reader is on edge with worry that the obstacles will prevent Zippy from succeeding. And your readers will be just as anxious with worry about whether you succeed in your Quest. All you have to do is follow today’s easy prompt….

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