Memoir Coaching

I hope you enjoy the free Memoir Monday lessons. When you are ready for memoir coaching, contact me and we'll get started with a free 30-minute chat. We'll talk about what you envision and how I can help with anything from small details to the "please just make it work" editing job.

Many people don’t believe writing will change their lives. Here is how it works:

Let’s say you are writing about something you would tell a therapist. You write about yourself. You notice how you brag about your job, drink too much, or are so timid you can’t imagine leaving your own bedroom. You face your true, ordinary, complex, wonderful self on the page and can’t help but be affected. You will love yourself a little bit more and you will find little things you want to change or more fully enjoy. It’s just natural.

As you write, you may find it so easy that you can’t imagine hiring a memoir coach. But there are times when you get stuck and wonder if you’re on the right page. The details of your life may start to slow you down and what seemed like an easy project – one that you started with enthusiasm – may turn into a slog.

When you want to experience the joy of writing at your optimal level, then it's time for a memoir coach. Private coaching is $45 an hour and can save you a great deal of time and frustration. I will work with you and your budget to turn your dreams and memories into a cherished work.

Let's get going today.

Janette Turner speaking to an EPIC Writers' Group

Janette Turner speaking to an EPIC Writers' Group

Janette Turner, memoir coach

  • EPIC Group writing instructor and editor

  • Journalist for My Edmonds News

  • Author for NakedLaw for AVVO

  • Creative advisor for My Edmonds News TV

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the guidance you have provided....I have made discoveries into my self-processes, some quite painful, yes, but others delightful, things I don’t think I would have come to on my own....You change lives.
— Courtenay

Janette Turner